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Argenta Downtown Council

Argenta Downtown Council

Business & Individuals Working Together To Promote Economic Development in Argenta

We believe that a healthy downtown benefits the entire area. To that end, we facilitate the planning, management, and development of the Argenta Art District as a vibrant, creative, diverse, and economically healthy center with historic architecture and a modern vibration.


The ADC works to promote new businesses, tourism and excellent quality of place. By building up our community we are able to offer an array of activities, a wide variety of local dining options, entertainment and arts. 


When you are in the Argenta Arts District you can take in an art show, enjoy local food, beer, and wine, grab a sweet treat and a coffee or just stroll down Main Street and take in the locals, art and tulips at just the right time of year! Argenta has grown into an active central business district, arts and cultural center and residential neighborhood.

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With his appreciation and respect for historic architecture, love of art, music, and local food, Chris Kent realized his passion for revitalizing the downtown area early.

Raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Chris graduated from Little Rock Catholic High School. He then attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where he earned a Bachelors's in Marketing and began his career at his family business, Star Bolt and Screw Co. In 2003, Chris's goal to revitalize downtown took off when he purchases a historic downtown home, joined the Main Street Argenta Board of Directors, where he served for three years, and opening the Cornerstone Pub on Main street in downtown North Little Rock.

Chris's next adventure would take him to Massachusetts from 2007 - 2013, where he sold construction supplies in the Boston area. But you can't keep the Arkansas boy away from home too long. Chris returned in 2013 and joined the ADC board of directors and in 2017 accepted the position of Marketing Director and later Executive Director of the Argenta Downtown Council. 

Chris still is passionate about honoring the Argenta Arts District heritage while focusing on economic development and revitalization. Argenta is a fantastic location for new businesses, restaurants, and co-work areas. With our Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, we have an educational resource for the community that features advancement in STEM education for all ages. We have 22 restaurants/bars, and that number is growing each week. With our special culinary series, we bring unique dining experiences to the Argenta area. We are home to many popular festivals such as Yadaloo Music & Arts, Arkansas Times Craft Beer, and Northern Lights Festivals.

The continued economic growth and success of the Argenta Arts District are due to Chris Kent's passion, love for his community, and his ability to have a vision for the future and know how to build a strategy to carry it out. 

ADC Board Members

  • Bob Butler, Chair

  • Errin Stanger, Vice-Chair

  • Stacy Hamilton, Secretary

  • John Crow, Treasurer

  • John Chandler 

  • Adrienne Collins 

  • Josh Davenport

  • Jess McMullen 

  • Alyssa Loyd-Mraz

  • Diana New 

  • Kim Pruitt 

  • Tyler Schaller 

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