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Argenta Arts District Membership Program

Who We Are

We believe that a healthy downtown benefits the entire area. To that end, we facilitate the planning, management, and development of the Argenta Art District as a vibrant, creative, diverse, and economically healthy center with historic architecture, modern vibration, thriving businesses and lots of things to do for visitors. When you are in the Argenta Arts District you can take in an art show, enjoy local food, beer, and wine, grab a sweet treat and a coffee or just stroll down Main Street and take in the locals, art and tulips at just the right time of year! Argenta has grown into an active central business district, arts and cultural center and residential neighborhood.



Membership with the Argenta Arts District is a direct investment into the health and economic vitality of our area; and as the district prospers, so too does your business. Becoming a member ensures your company’s involvement in our organization’s downtown growth and revitalization efforts and means your company will be kept abreast of new developments; and ongoing activities and events.

Experience the Argenta Vibe

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