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Announcing 2021 New Board Members


Contact: Chris Kent

Argenta Downtown Council


Argenta Downtown Council Announces 2021 New Board Members

North Little Rock, Arkansas (December 18, 2020) - Argenta Downtown Council is pleased to announce our 2021 board of directors' appointment.

The Argenta Downtown Council’s Board is a team of dedicated community leaders working together to promote Argenta businesses, tourism, and excellent quality of place.

Welcome our new board members. We are excited to have the experience each member brings to the team, which will provide a new and creative perspective on how we serve our community. Our new members are:

We appreciate all our returning board members' work in the past and look forward to the cohesive and collaborative team in the coming year. Our returning board members include:

  • Josh Davenport, Chair

  • Bob Butler, Vice-Chair

  • Alyssa Loyd Mraz, Treasurer / Secretary

  • Ashley Hight

  • John Chandler

  • Nina Pilkington

  • Diana New

  • Missy Penor

"We are excited to announce and welcome our new board members who each bring diverse expertise and insight into the work of the ADC," said Executive Director Chris Kent. "Together, with our returning board members and Josh Davenport as Board Chair, we are looking forward to 2021, where we are finding new and exciting ways to promote Argenta Businesses and support our community."

About Argenta Downtown Council

The Argenta Downtown Council is committed to providing an environment for economic development to occur and to support the local businesses in the Argenta Arts District. The organization is recognized as a leader, advocate, and resource in assuring the downtown is a safe, clean, green, and vital place.

To learn more about the Argenta Downtown Council, our mission and how to get involved, click here.


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