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Argenta Spotlight: Meet Josh Davenport

As we prepare for 2021, the Argenta Downtown Council (ADC) is excited to announce Josh Davenport as our new chairman. Josh has been on our board for the last three years, including as vice-chair in 2019 and 2020.

A Dogtown resident since the age of two, Josh’s passion for building a healthy and sustainable community comes naturally. His father owns a construction company in Argenta, where he worked in 2007-2008. When he co-founded his business, it only made sense to locate it in our Arts District. He and his business partner, Heather Nelson, used a personal laptop on a conference table in a space above Cregeen's.

Josh and Heather created Seal Solar in 2012 as part of the Clinton Climate Initiative, an energy affordability loan program. The goal: to help homeowners save money with energy-efficiency systems. Initially, the firm subcontracted the installations. However, it soon discovered the difficulty in finding subs who could guarantee Seal Solar’s high level of service. So the firm hired an internal team. By 2016, it had 55 employees across three offices that had serviced 3,400 homes across Arkansas and Mississippi.

As Seal Solar grew, Josh and Heather took the firm in a new direction: solar power. Again, it brought the work in-house, so it could offer the highest-quality service and products possible. The solar division quickly skyrocketed—eclipsing the firm’s other lines of business three-to-one. In May 2019, Seal Solar sold its heat and air unit and energy-efficient division to focus solely on solar.

Today, Seal Solar is one of the state’s leading solar design and installation firms. It has its own headquarters and leases a warehouse space, both downtown. Josh loves the people in Argenta and being in the thick of everything. There are always things to do, new spaces to explore and great food to enjoy. This creative atmosphere melds well with Seal Solar’s innovative mindset as it finds new ways to empower Arkansans to achieve energy independence. Whether through panels, batteries or Tesla roofs, Seal Solar is helping ensure our state’s home and business owners have a reliable source of power—even when the grid goes down.

Like he’s done with solar, Josh now believes we can capitalize on Argenta’s hip vibes by throwing electric vehicles into the mix. North Little Rock Electric provides a unique opportunity for our community. Josh hopes to strengthen the relationship between NLR Power and Argenta by bringing in electric car charging stations as well as solar “case studies” or even a tiny green home with modern, efficient and sustainable construction.

As chair, Josh will also focus on building on the success of the Argenta Outdoor Dining District by bringing in other businesses within walking distance. In 2021, the ADC will look for unique ways to continue promoting their services, products and events.

But Josh isn't all work and no play. He loves to run and work out, so he can clear his head for his next big idea. While he likes to travel, he also enjoys being home with his family, including their three cats and nine-year-old Yorkie. (Look for selfies by the new Dogtown mural soon!) You can also find him “nerding out” on new technologies and happenings in the energy industry.

“Josh’s fresh ideas, combined with his enthusiasm, intelligence and vision, will be instrumental in Argenta’s continued shift to a modern, tech-friendly downtown destination” said Chris Kent, Executive Director, Argenta Downtown Council

For more information on Josh and Seal Solar, visit To learn more about the Argenta Arts District, our mission and our board, please visit our website .

Energy-Efficiency Tips

Now, Josh leaves us with these easy-to-follow energy-efficiency tips:

1. Understand your electric bill. When you know what a kilowatt-hour is, how you are charged and how it affects your bill, you can take steps to better control your costs.

2. Get a programmable thermostat. Start a check and balance on the largest energy consumer in your home: your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

3. Schedule a solar consultation. Most companies, including Seal Solar, offer free consultations, so you can determine how much a solar system would help you save.


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