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Meet Natural State Microgreens

With summer nearing the end, and the big growing season in Arkansas coming to a close, some might think that the Argenta Farmers Market might lose some steam. But that isn't the case! We plan on running the market through the fall, continuing to bring you fresh produce and Arkansas made products.

One of the markets' regular vendors has been Natural State Microgreens. We have been lucky to have all the nutrient-packed greens at the market and have been so excited to get to know Stephanie and learn more about Natural State Microgreens.

Stephanie Spencer founded natural State Microgreens in 2019. Stephanie has been a cardiac RN for 27 years and was interested in exploring the connection between food and health. Stephanie's husband Paul developed pre-diabetes, and they reversed it with a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet. Stephanie went on to become certified in Plant-Based Nutrition and now teaches classes for chronic disease reversal ( Self-directed online classes are currently "under construction" with plans to be available soon!

Microgreens are simply vegetable seedlings, and studies have shown them to contain 4-40 times more nutritional density than their mature counterparts.

Superfood Rainbow Mix is a best-seller containing ten different microgreen varieties, including celery, arugula, and radish for plenty of flavors. (Was) very popular in many restaurants for serving with sandwiches and on top of salads.

Broccoli Sprouts are another top-seller for their impressive health benefits. They have been extensively studied by researchers at Johns Hopkins (and elsewhere) for their anti-cancer stem cell and DNA repair properties. Researchers have been frustrated at the inability to turn the active compound in broccoli sprouts, sulforaphane, into a stable pharmaceutical form for Phase 3 trials. Still, you can just cut out the middle man and eat the food in its natural form! Ask Stephanie for her Morning Energy Smoothie recipe with broccoli sprouts.

High Protein Pea Shoots and Sunflower shoots are also popular as well as Micro Cilantro and Micro Dark Opal Basil (goes great with those Arkansas tomatoes!).

Stephanie also sells cloth face masks (2 ply with filter pocket) in many different patterns.

Stephanie lives with her husband Paul and 2-3 boys (one is at UCA now) on 15 acres in Scott, AR. They also have an Airbnb, which has been popular for folks wanting to get a break and relax in the country

Be sure and stop by the market and say hi! The Argenta Farmers Market is every Saturday from 8:00 am - 10:00 am.

Follow Natural State Microgreens on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest information, recipes and more!


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