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Birds of the American Flyway

Located at Flyway Brewing, 314 Maple Street, Artist Robin Tucker was inspired for his mural for Flyway Brewery by the incredible Mississippi Flyway.

Starting in central Canada and stretching to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi Flyway is the name given to the route followed by birds migrating from their breeding grounds in North America to their wintering grounds in the south… According to Audubon, nearly half of the bird species and up to forty percent of the waterfowl of North America spend part of their lives in the Mississippi Flyway. With spectacular forests, grasslands and wetlands, the route provides good sources of food and water, with no mountainous areas to navigate along the entire route. The greatest elevation above sea level along the route is below 2,000 feet. The route is used by large numbers of geese, ducks, shorebirds, sparrows, blackbirds, thrushes and warblers, the majority of which cut across the Gulf of Mexico, providing excellent birding opportunities along the coasts of Louisiana and Texas.

Thanks to the efforts of Audubon, which has offices in Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi, efforts to preserve habitats along the Mississippi Flyway are making a difference to the birds that make use of the route each year

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Meet the Artist

Robin Tucker

Robin Tucker is an artist residing in Little Rock, Arkansas. In 2014, he was chosen as one of the Delta Award Winners at the Delta Exhibition. He has also won the Arkansas League of Artists annual show for 3 consecutive years. His incredibly detailed photo-realistic paintings often provide deep meanings of life, death as well as the natural and man made worlds.

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