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Dog Dancer Project

More dogs from the “Dog Dancer” outdoor sculptures - created by artists Terry Bean and wife Maritza Cornejo Bean, commissioned by the Argenta Downtown Council - are finding homes throughout Argenta Arts District.

The Dog Dancer project started in 2010 and consist of five unique dog sculptures created by Terry Bean and wife Maritza Cornejo Bean. The sculptures were commissioned by the City of North Little Rock and were recently brought back to life by Argenta resident and business owner, John Gaudin. There’s a new dog in town... The dogs have homes throughout the Argenta Arts District, there's a blue, pink, red and orange one around time right now! See if you can locate them and be sure and grab a photo!

The sculptures are located at:
Blue Dog @ Priddy Holifield Ables, 615 Main Street
Green Dog @ 601 Main Street
Yellow Man @ 600 Main Street
Pink Dog @ 600 Main Street near the Trolly Barn
Orange Dog @ Kami Kaito, 521 Main Street
Red Dog @ Argenta Branch Library, 420 Main Street

Project Gallery

Paint Cans

Meet the Artist

Terry Bean & Maritza Cornejo Bean

Public-Artwork is an experienced team of professional artists that specialize in designing art to enhance the public place. The team has a design studio in West Palm Beach, FL and a design and fabrication facility in Little Rock, AR. Terry and Maritza have had art installations and exhibits all over the world.

The fully equipped facility fabricates fine sculptural shapes through the use of large shears, brakes, rolls, plasma tables, gantry cranes, kilns, forklifts, etc. Most importantly, having an in-house dedicated fabrication facility is a critical requirement for controlling every step of the art process by our talented and trained artists.

Artistic Director, Maritza, is a classically trained sculptor and creative design artist, Terry is Business Manager (MBA), engineer (BSIE), and studio art major. Andy, Fabrication Facility Manager, has an MFA. Additionally, there is a permanent staff of craftsman welders, painters, and computer design specialists.

The team portfolio includes public sculptures made of bronze, steel and concrete in both abstract and figurative modes. The team is also pleased to consult on lighting and landscape concepts. Please see video below for a glimpse of the fabrication facility and typical artwork creation.

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